A two column list for my research papers.

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Some of My Research Papers

A Tectonic History of The Hat Creek Coal Deposit; © 1992; Updated © 2008
A look at the tectonic history of the Hat Creek coal property.
The Gold Coal Relationship; © 1992
A look at the relationship between gold and coal.
Creative Exploration Geology; © 2003
A look at the creative aspect of exploration practice.
Creative Exploration Geology, part 2; © 2007
Influences on exploration practice.
Creative Exploration Geology, part 3; © 2008
A flawed approach leads to problems.
Coal Exploration Dynamics; © 2013
Insitu-analysis selective mining methods.
Coalbed Methane; © 2010
The potential in British Columbia Tertiary coal deposits.
Riemannian Geology; © 2010
An application of Bernhard Riemann's concept of a geometry of multiple
connected manifolds; to geology, geological exploration and fusion energy physics.
Extended Exploration Techniques for Exploration Geologists; © 2012
and the Science behind Riemannian Geology.
Coal Exploration Geology, © 2015
In-situ Analysis-Selective Mining Methods.

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